Sunday, April 3, 2011

Where in the world...

... will I be going? I wish I knew, but first: As many of you have noted, the current title of this blog now seems a bit inappropriate (no waiting any more - I'm a diplomat baby!). Thoughts on a new title?

But back to my musings about what flag will be handed to be in 26 days time. I know the bid list backwards and forwards now, and am surprising myself by my thoughts. I'm liking some places I never expected to, and am disregarding some that initially would have made me jump for joy. In the end, I know I will do well and have a wonderful experience wherever they send me. For now, it's just a matter of figuring out which of the posts most closely match my preferences.

1) Social life. I know, seems kind of trivial, but one of the things I'm most worried about, being a single person, is leaving work at the end of the day, having no one to come home to, and being utterly bored and lonely. That means I'm looking for larger posts (I'm sure you can have great career opportunities as an entry-level officer in a consulate of 8 people, but I'll save that for later in my career), good post morale, and a place that attracts singles more than families.

2) Language/regional preferences: Because I took the Arabic points while on the register, I have an 'obligation' to serve in an Arabic speaking post either this time around or next (I say 'obligation' in quotes because I really see it as more of a privilege). I'd rather get started earlier rather than later.

3) Danger danger. Call me crazy, but I want to serve in a danger post. I feel like I should take advantage of my singlehood, childlessness, and head to a war zone (no, there are no war zone postings for first tours, but some other 'unsafe' places get danger designations too). I'll have to serve in a danger posting eventually, so might as well do it now.

So based on those three criteria, where would you send me? I unfortunately have my heart a wee bit set on a couple places on the list, but am working hard at opening myself up to other options and staying zen.

In other news, my colleagues are still awesome, and I can't wait to get back in the classroom with them all tomorrow.


  1. Just started following your blog! Excited to hear where you end up!

  2. I want to throw a shout out for the social life at a small post. Although there are very few bars restaurants or clubs (read none) in Belmopan, I have a very active social life. People regularly throw house parties or dinner parties. Small and large gatherings are common.

    Good luck with the bid list. Its a fun time.

  3. I was really jealous when I saw your bid list, seems like there are so many great options. Beirut and Jerusalem would be my top choices. Good luck and let us know!


  4. I'd also suggest that you take a good look at the job as well as the post. Remember: you'll be spending 1/3 (at least, probably more) of your daily hours at post doing your job, whatever that is, and it'll make for a much happier tour if you enjoy it, at least most of the time.

    I bid several nice posts medium or low because I wasn't keen on the work and Conakry of all places got my #1 pick because the ECON/CON rotation there was exactly what I wanted. Of course, I have yet to see how that works out.

  5. I second the social life at a small post. We never had a dull moment in Bujumbura. If you have a post with a handful of Marines and some NGOs, there will be plenty of fun. And we are total hardship/danger junkies. Being in India is almost too easy and we'd like to get back to Central Africa for our next tour.

    Good luck with your bid list!