Monday, November 29, 2010

Your case is in the queue and will be assigned for review today

I've finally been able to turn in everything required for my medical clearance, and according the them my case will be assigned for review today. What in the world that means I can't say, but it sounds like progress, right?

In other news, I have an MA! That's going to make interning at NDI that much better, since now I can get a raise!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I'm especially thankful for all my wonderful friends that have been giving their time to Diplomatic Security interviews recently!

Two months to the day after my OA, I finally had my personal interview with diplomatic security on Tuesday. Had lots of homework afterwords-- that's my fault for doing a pretty crappy job of my SF-86. Need to get lots of contact information for acquaintances sent to the investigator, provide explanations of certain things, etc. Hopefully it'll all go quickly from here-- I would be incredibly thankful for that!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

And the investigation continues

The security investigation is clearly well underway now. Several more of my contacts have done interviews and finally, finally, I heard from my investigator regarding the personal interview I have to do. It's going to be held on Tuesday at a location in Northern Virginia. I'm so glad to be getting there, it'll be nice to be past another hurdle and get that done!

I've been pretty unimpressed with the coordination among everyone doing my investigation, however. A few days ago, I received a call from an investigator working in my college's town. He seemed to have a tough time understanding the information I had on my SF-86 pertaining to that era in my life, and in the end I had to google the various departments at the school with which I was affiliated to give him the phone numbers. You would think that if a grant was from a specific office, he could as well google the office's name and look it up. Granted, I did a pretty haphazard job with my SF-86 (didn't realize how long it was when I started it a day before my OA and was so sure I wouldn't pass that I thought it sort of irrelevant), so I may have not provided sufficient contact details which were originally my responsibility.

Also, I've spent the better part of today re-typing details of all my foreign travel and foreign contacts. After passing the OA, the diplomatic security agent with whom I met gave me some hard copy form templates to fill in with information about my foreign travel and any foreign associates I have. He also mentioned that I could digitize the form and then e-mail it in. Feeling all spiffy, I made a multi-page excel spreadsheet and filled it all out there. I e-mail it to securityclearnace[at] and was told it would be added to my file. When I heard from my investigator, however, it turns out that he has his own form/template, and I have to use that. At least it was already digital so I could do a lot of copying and pasting, but again, you'd think there would be some way to streamline this process, like State creating a digital template that all investigators would employ.

This complaining aside, I'm really happy that DS has been doing its job. Investigators in Albany, Colorado, Atlanta, and NC have all done their bits and hopefully my file is being completed as scheduled.

I'm trying not to fantasize too much about having my clearance in early spring, but it's hard not to. In the meantime, I'm continuing my internship with NDI and have agreed to stay on until May 31. In my perfect world, I have my clearance in February and get an invitation in March to a June class. Stop laughing. Yes, I know it's as fantastical as fantasies get, but I think I might just let myself dream a little bit more for now.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Under investigation!

I never thought I would be happy, let alone this happy, to be under investigation by the federal government. But upon getting a voice mail from a diplomatic security investigator early in the week I *may* have done a happy jig in the office.

Knowing how long this whole process could take, I'm pumped that it's officially underway and people are doing their work on my file. So far three of my references have been contacted, two have already done their interviews.

I'm getting nervous, of course, about one little red-flag item I have on my record. It's nothing hidden, I was completely honest about my history in my file, but being completely honest means not hiding the stupidly idiotic and really minor things that may have occurred in college. Hopefully the adjudications board will be able to look at the incident in light of the bigger picture and not have a problem with it, but I'm sure it's going to add time to the process.

Can't do anything about that one now, so time to sit back and be investigated!