Saturday, January 14, 2012

That time already?

I still feel like I just got here at times, but it looks like it's already time for my first Rest & Recuperation trip. The State Department knows that living in difficult places is, well, difficult, and so giving us a break from the hardship now and then helps us come back and do our jobs better. Khartoum is especially difficult in the eyes of State, so we get 4 R&R trips over the 2 years here (compared with 2 in most other hardship posts - not including Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan).

So, only 5 months in to my tour here, I'm already jetting off to the motherland. It's especially odd because some of my A-100 classmates are still in training at FSI, having not even started their first tour yet. In my five months here, I've done political, consular, managed visitors from DC, and gone on trips in country. The past couple of week here have been incredibly busy, with so many of our embassy colleagues gone for the holidays but with just as much- if not more- going on. Needless to say, I definitely feel ready for this vacation!

Ciao, Khartoum, see you in a couple weeks!

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