Monday, October 11, 2010

Timeline so far

So how long did it take me to get here? Months.

I decided to take the Foreign Service written exam in early March 2010. By the end of March, I had heard that I passed. Hurrah!

My personal narratives were due in April. I found out I passed this, by getting my invitation to the oral assessment, in June.

My MA dissertation was due on the 15th of September, so I made sure to schedule my OA after that. On Sept 23rd, I took and passed the OA.

Conditional offer of employment!

Now just need to wait, and wait, and wait, while my security and medical clearances get processed.

I'm hoping to be on the register by mid-2011 and called for A-100 before the end of 2011, though I know that may be a bit optimistic, given the amount of time my clearance is going to take with all the foreign travel I've done. But cross your fingers for me!

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